SONG OF THE DAY: VenSun – “Love is Love”

French producer David Vendetta and clubland favorite Sylvia Tosun have teamed to create VenSun, a collaboration focusing on vocal house that will span the genres from underground to commercial. First up is the seemingly perfectly-timed “Love is Love,” an uplifting anthem about the equality of all love that is shared. David Vendetta’s production is quite forward-thinking – it has elements of both the current reigning clubland sound (stadium house) and what’s coming next (’90s-inspired underground house). The two sounds are melded together seamlessly, making this the perfect DJ transition record between sets. Sylvia sounds amazing, not a shock since she is a trained operatic vocalist, and her lyrics are just as emotional and uplifting as the track itself. To mark the historic events of the week (the defeat of DOMA), a special version features spoken samples from Martin Luther King, President Obama, Congresswoman Maureen Walsh, Ellen DeGeneres, and Hillary Clinton interspersed in the mix, giving it a historic feel – as if to mark the exact moment of time right now. With Macklemore’s similarly-themed “Same Love” gaining massive support on top 40 radio, it seems that “Love is Love” just might be the perfect dance song to follow on dance floor (and radio) around the world.

Images courtesy of SeaToSun.