SONG OF THE DAY: Vato Gonzalez – “Army of Bastards”

Which would you rather have, an army of monsters, Barbies, or bastards?? The Dutch master of “dirty house,” Vato Gonzalez, unleashes the incessant and aggressive “Army of Bastards” as almost a uniting call to arms.? While the haunting vocal chant in the intro could easily veer into a Saturday Night Live/Dieter parody, as soon as the synth hook kicks in (with the rhythm perfectly engineered to get the crowd clapping and pumping their fists as well),?you know this is going to be a serious monster.?? A quick, teasing drop is your last chance to breathe before the piercing electro assault completely takes over . Yes, this massive track that Vato created to lead off a mixtape (with tracks produced by his following) could easily spiral into his biggest choon since “Badman Riddim.”? As for the intro question, I think I would go for “Hooligans,” as coined by Vato’s fellow Dutchman Don Diablo in his track with Example a few years back.

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INTERVIEW: Vato Gonzalez (ADE 2011)

The Dirty Dutch movement has conquered the world and up next, watch out for the Dirty House scene. Coming from the pirate underground, Vato Gonzalez mashes elements of hip-hop, dancehall, baile funk, and house to create an energetic, prime time pumping sound. While his mix tapes have been downloaded over half a million times, his debut single “Badman Riddim” made top ten on the UK pop chart. Could US domination be next?

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