SONG OF THE DAY: Kalsi & Applejack ft Tina Cousins – Screams

Dance music is truly international. Last July, Finnish duo Kalsi & Applejack mixed 80s new wave, 90s synth pop and modern electro to create the track “Screams.” They knew they had something special so they enlisted the talents of Swedish songwriter Herbie Crichlow who wrote major hits for Backstreet Boys, Robyn, and Super Junior to write the top line. Together they brought in British vocalist Tina Cousins, known for “Pray,” “Killing Time,” “Mysterious Times (with Sash)” and “Curious (with 4 Strings)” whose pretty yet powerful performance matches the creative energy of the track. The resultant song “Screams” has already hit #2 on the iTunes chart in Finland and I suspect that it will work its way around Europe rather quickly.

Image Courtesy of Space Mix.


Disclaimer:? It is a safe bet that whenever certain singers release a new song, that I will jump up and down and scream like a fanboy.?? That list includes (but is not limited to): Tina Cousins, Luciana, Heather Small, Kerli,? Robyn, and Mary Kiani.? So imagine my surprise when I stumbled upon “Family,” which was posted on Mary Kiani’s Soundcloud nearly 8 months ago.? Built on the theme of finding your own family, the frolicking hands-in-the-air Hi-NRG electro track is a modernized take on the classic girl-twirl with the current style of chorus breakdown.? The mathematical approach to the lyrics had me flashing back to the top 10 pop hit “3 Is Family,” by the dearly departed Dana Dawson, but a bit more open-minded without the heteronormative delineation.? The idea of building your own family of those who love you has always been a foundation of the gay world, so this song is just another reason why we queers have always embraced Mary Kiani as our beloved big-voiced Scottish diva.