SONG OF THE DAY: The Young Punx – “Kowloon Kickback”

Swing-house had a moment in the ’90s with “Doop” and “Prohibition Groove,” and again a few years ago with big hits by Gramophonedzie and Yolanda Be Cool.? The Young Punx release their version with “Kowloon Kickback,” yet there is something special about the track which sets it apart from the others – all of it was recorded on live instruments on vintage 1930s recording equipment.? How better to capture the real sound of swing?? The result is a magical mashup of old school swing and modern electro – blending the first take solos with precision electronic fusion.? Its the kind of project that you wish there was a “making of” video to accompany it.? While the original version is brilliant, it’s not the most club-friendly, so they wisely brought in Gramophonedzie (the guy who sampled the timeless Peggy Lee song from Who Framed Roger Rabbit “Why Don’t You Do Right” to create the massive hit “Why Don’t You”) to give it a house structure and tempo while keeping the original vibe and instrumentation in place.? Easily one of the most creative tracks of 2013, one could only hope that they pull in a vocalist like Sherry St Germain, Sam Obernik, or even Fantasia Barrino to sing a fitting topline.

Image Courtesy of MofoHifi.


The Young Punx – “Kowloon Kickback”