SONG OF THE DAY: Kristine W – Love Come Home

Originally recorded by Our Tribe (Rollo and Rob Dougan) with Franke Pharoah, “Love Come Home” was released in 1994. What many don’t realize is that Kristine W was prominently featured as a backing vocalist, to the point where it became almost a duet. When it came time to put together her greatest hits album, New & Number Ones, Kristine rerecorded the song and with the help of Subgroover gave it a modern sound. Combining EDM/progressive house with powerful and soulful gospel vocals, “Love Come Home” will catch your attention instantly. On first listen, it sounds like what you would hear on dance radio credited as Zedd featuring Kristine W, so it’s almost shocking that it was done back in 2012. Someone was ahead of their time. For Kristine W, this doesn’t come as a surprise as her debut album “Land of the Living” (produced by Rollo and Rob Dougan) is widely regarded as one of the landmark dance albums of the ’90s. Remixes are forthcoming by Todd Terry, Hermanos Inglesos, Phill Wellz, and Andy Sikorski – so expect some major club action. The video is also worth checking out as Kristine channels her inner Lucia Holm (Sunscreem) in a spiritually uplifting journey of following dreams and wishes coming true.

Image courtesy of Fly Again records.

SONG OF THE DAY: Kristine W and Bimbo Jones – “Everything That I Got”

Clubland loves the divas with the big voices, and sixteen Billboard Club chart-topping hits is a sign of how much we all love Kristine W. As a preview of her forthcoming “New & Number Ones,” she has released “Everything That I Got,” which is possibly her most commercial-sounding pop dance song to date. The hands-in-the-air anthem is a modern first-person narrative (like a subjective take on Donna Summer’s “She Works Hard for the Money”) with enough hooks and chants that everyone will sing along to it on first play. It’s simply a fun record with instant reaction guaranteed. With such a strong song, the remixers turned in solid mixes across the board – Twisted Dee, Subgroover, Stonebridge, and Bimbo Jones twirl it in their respective genres – tribal, electro, and house. With all the aggressive and abrasive tracks out there now, I’ve been getting requests for more sing-along songs that haven’t been burned out by being overplayed on the radio. “Everything That I Got” fits the bill and reminds us that we all go to the club to have a good time.

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SONG OF THE DAY: Nick Fiorucci & Subgroover ft Sven Armstrong – “Turn Me On”

Nearly 25 years ago, 2 Puerto Ricans, A Blackman and a Dominican featuring the legendary Robert Clivilles, David Morales, Chep Nunez, and David Cole unleashed the club classic “Do It Properly.” Fast forward to 2012, and 2 Dutchmen and a Canadian combine to create “Turn Me On,” a vibey yet energetic electro house track flavored with incredibly soulful vocals. The Dutchmen are electro producer Subgroover (who is gaining buzz thanks to an amazingly resonant remix of Kristine W’s classic “Land of the Living”) and singer/sometimes rapper Sven Armstrong, who adds incredible emotion into what could have easily been formulaic shouts by a lesser vocalist. Canadian super-producer Nick Fiorucci is surely responsible for the bouncy keyboards, which is a signature of many of his HiBias productions. If you like your beats a little harder and more big room, check out the mix that Nick did with Criss Wave. Either way, “Turn Me On” is a great club record that will rock dance floors anywhere it’s dropped.

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