SONG OF THE DAY: Bebe Rexha – “Comeback Kids”

When all the stars align, it gets kind of magical. You’ve heard singer Bebe Rexha before, either with Pete Wentz (of Fall Out Boy) in Black Cards on the club record “Dr Jekyll and Mr Fame,” or on the current dance radio hit “Take Me Home” with Cash Cash. She also cowrote Nikki Williams’ crossover pop hit “Glowing.” With her debut solo single “Comeback Kids,” Bebe takes the spotlight, singing about her background and struggles to be where she’s at today. It’s quite the uplifting party anthem which just happens to have a good message in there as well (if you can look past the f-bomb in the chorus). The dreamy synth-pop song is full of hooks that will quickly get ingrained in your head as you find yourself singing along without realizing it. For some reason, the last bridge feels like it would mash perfectly with New Radicals’ “You Get What You Give.” The tonal quality of Bebe’s voice is quite unique, the only comparison I could imagine would be an amalgamation of Neon Hitch, Charli XCX, and Cherry from the Studio Killers. I am hoping that remixes are forthcoming, because even though its danceable at its current tempo, with the right remix, “Comeback Kids” could easily become a massive commercial club anthem along the lines of Icona Pop’s “I Love it.”

Image Courtesy of Bebe Rexha.

SONG OF THE DAY: Studio Killers – “Ode to the Bouncer”

Looking for the next insidious earworm after “Call Me Maybe?” Studio Killers is the creation of producer James F Reynold, who has mixed and produced tracks for Tinie Tempah, Selena Gomez, Mark Knight, Jessie J, and The Saturdays. The cartoon virtual band is an update of the Gorillaz model- creating electropop which pays homage to Goldfrapp, Kylie Minogue, and Almighty. “Ode to Bouncer” is singer Cherry’s story of needing to dance but being blocked at the front door by an evil bouncer and trying all of her feminine tricks to get in. Cherry’s voice alternates between sing-talk (a British Ke$ha) and angelic singing for the absolutely gorgeous chorus. The production is ultra-slick electro synth-pop with a key change at the chorus which will burn itself into your subconscience. While the remixes by Fear of Tigers, Lee Mortimer, and Manhattan Clique are all really good, the charming original makes the inclusion of an Extended DJ Edit a very wise choice. The video is a hallucinatory cartoon treat and leaves us anxiously awaiting more graphic depictions of Cherry’s adventures with the Studio Killers.

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