SONG OF THE DAY: Adapt or Die – ‘Dream Control’ EP?

The good thing about the ’90s dance music revival is that everyone seems to be finding a different inspiration.? Prince Club is doing the ’90s underground, the electro guys are incorporating rave techno loops, the pop guys are sampling europop, and here we have a brand new Aussie duo, Adapt or Die, mixing hip-house and classic techno.? Seriously, close your eyes and you can hear Adeva belting out a vocal over any of the tracks in the teaser video for the Dream Control EP.?? Adapt or Die is the team of? Tony Mitolo (member of the Swiss and touring drummer for Empire of the Sun) and Alex Gooden (a front of house/tour manager/sound engineer) for groups like Spank Rock and PNau. So basically, this duo of behind-the-scenes Aussie musicians/engineers have joined forces to recreate and reinvigorate dance music from over twenty years ago.? With their pedigree coming from some of the best indie dance acts of the past few years, there’s no doubt that the tracks are going to be quality efforts, and creatively made with a sense of quirk in the mix.? I can’t wait to get my ears on the full tracks from the Dream Control EP when it’s released next week.

Image Courtesy of Sweat It Out.