SONG OF THE DAY:? Anna Lunoe – “Breathe”

Australian artist Anna Lunoe’s single “Breathe” has been out for a few months and gaining buzz as she’s been touring North America.? Listening to the original track, it’s easy to hear why- it’s catchy and somewhat familiar, with a bassline and hook that just etches itself in your mind.? When I first heard it, I thought it was a new single by Infinity Ink as it share the dark, hooky bassline and rhythm structure.? Also evident is a full-on ’90s house-styled production, yet it sounds modern and futuristic rather than derivative or?dated.? The mixes are varied takes on retro vibes, yet all are interesting and creative? – a rarity for most EDM single releases.? Sleepy Tom uses stutter/stop segments, making the remix sound like a modern, more esoteric take on freestyle.? Treasure Fingers’ mix is so retro eighties, complete with vocal effects, that it sounds as if Debbie Deb was getting ready for a big 2014 comeback tour.? Danny T bangs out a straightforward, almost literal ’90s house mix. Mixing speed garage and traditional Hi-NRG samples/effects, Wordlife’s mix feels wrong when you describe it, but it is just as wonderfully strange as it sounds.? The video for Breathe is quite compelling as well, with a claustrophobic, kinetic vibe that captures energy without the usual suspects in most dance music videos.

Image Courtesy of Fools Gold/Ultra.