SONG OF THE DAY: Annie – “Back Together”

Ask and ye shall receive.? A few weeks when I heard Annie’s voice on Ralph Myerz “Take a Look at the World,” I thought how much she has been missed since “Chewing Gum” and “Heartbeat,” and how she would be perfect to take the ’90s trend and give it her own spin with the help of Richard X. “Back Together” is all that and more.? Annie channels late ’80s and early ’90s euro dance-pop with nods to Kylie, Opus 3, and Sunscreem. Imagine a collaboration of Disclosure and Stock Aitken Waterman and you’ve got the idea. The flashback vibe continues with the video – starting with a faux dance chart countdown (can you clock the Jessie J and Girls Aloud samples) leading to Annie dancing in front of a greenscreen with a colorful raver graphic behind her. As the lead track to the A&R EP (for Annie and Richard) set for release next week, the song whets our appetite for what will no doubt be our guilty pleasure soundtrack for the summer.

Image Courtesy of Pleasuremasters.