SONG OF THE DAY: Patrick Hagenaar ft Saviors and Rebecca White – Tears of Gold

There are certain artists you watch and just know they are going to explode into superstars. Patrick Hagenaar is one of them. Getting his start as a part of the duo Hageaar & Albrecht, he went solo and has been releasing a stream of quality remixes of artists ranging from Kylie Minogue and Haim to Martin Solveig and Cash Cash. His new single “Tears of Gold” might just be the one that makes his career explode. Starting off with the pretty vocals of Rebecca White over a piano backing, the track builds to a stomping pop dance track with progressive house undertones. If someone said this was the new David Guetta or Calvin Harris, I would totaly believe it, as it is that solid and well-produced. For club consumption, the Rezone remix takes the track into a “Tsunami”-ish electro direction while Craft Cole goes uplifting with a pretty yet aggressive stadium house feel. Both mixes keep the vocal intact, which is not only a pleasant surprise but also impressive since the tone and feel of the vocals change as the song progresses. It is easy to see why everyone is supporting this track and it looks to be one that will start in the clubs and build into a commercial crossover track. If you are a fan of Cash Cash “Take Me Home,” definitely check this one out.

Image courtesy of Colour Code Music.