SONG OF THE DAY: Harry Romero – Tania (Remixes)

The Brazillian/South American dance music meme seems to be getting big this summer. If you go back and listen to the original version of “Tania,” released by Harry Choo Choo Romero, you might be surprised to realize how current it sounds. The groovy track with sexy beats, stuttered sampled vocals, and a Latino soul feel (like classic Masters at Work) would fit in any 2014 nu-house or deep house set. The song title comes from Brazilian artist Tania Maria, whose voice is sampled from her record “Made in New York.” ToolRoom reboots the track with new mixes by Filterheadz (tribal with a hint of electro), Purple Disco Machine (slowed-down tempo with a spaced-out feel and an addictive beat that both clashes and blends perfectly at the same time), and Riva Starr (keeping the basic feel of the original and speeding it up with a bit of a tasteful Klubbheads feel). All three remixes are quality and it will be interesting to see who they get for the part two package. Those who are enjoying the Fatboy Slim ‘Bem Brasil’ tracks should definitely check out “Tania” as well.

Image courtesy of Toolroom.

SONG OF THE DAY: Disciples – Poison Arrow

What would happen if Disclosure experimented with bassline house?? That might come off as too dismissive of the Disciples new track “Poison Arrow,” but it seems like the perfect reference.? The followup to their buzz tracks “Catwalk” and “Remedy” is really a fresh-sounding mesh of classic house, dub, and bassline with incredibly catchy hooks and some incredible vocal production. The vocals are layered and effected to such extreme that in places they sound more like an instrument than something human. Then there is the religious/spiritual nature of some of the lyrics which might be channeling the gospel house/inspirational sounds of the late ’90s and might be a common theme of their songs, given their chosen artist name.? You can definitely hear the deep house influence of Shadow Child (aka Dave Spoon) who did some additional production on the track. The overall effect is similar to Disclosure with a touch of Hot Since 82 – electronic dance production with classic influence and a polished pop feel. On the remixes, Kilter goes leftfield, while Purple Disco Machine keeps the original vibe adding a bit of synth-pop. One thing that stands out is the guy shouting “Poison,” which might give you a Bell Biv DeVoe flashback (and if it does, then track down the superb mash-up of BBD and Disclosure called “When Poison Starts to Burn”). Together with Oliver Heldens vs Becky Hill “Gecko (Overdrive),”? it looks like ffrr is finding some really great record for the summer.

Image courtesy of FFRR.