SONG OF THE DAY (SUNDAY FUNDAY): Martha Wash – I’m Not Coming Down

Everyone loves Martha Wash. From her start as a backup singer for Sylvester to her classic with the Weather Girls “It’s Raining Men” and more than 30 years of club anthems, Martha is beloved in gay clubland as a legendary diva. For 2014, she is back with “I’m Not Coming Down” a house record that shows both the soft and powerful side to her voice. She can sing but she can also sang (as is the proper idiom for her unmatched vocal prowess.) Surely to be featured at every circuit party this summer, It comes as no surprise that it is flying up the Billboard Club Chart and set to reach the pinnacle any day now. One sure sign of how much she is loved by clubland is the sheer volume of remixes with more than 20 different ones currently floating around (Rosabel, Tony Moran, Danny Diggz, DJ Ting, Gustavo Scorpio, Phil B & Leo Frappier, John Le Page & Brian Cua, Todd Terry, Ranny, Alex Acosta, Guy Scheiman, C-Rod, Deep Influence, Giangi Cappai, James Anthony, Wayne G, Mauro Mozart, Guy Scheiman, Albert Cabrera, John Lepage, Gustavo Scorpio, Phil B & Frappier.) As the most remixed record of the year (aside from Cher’s “Take It Like a Man,”) it’s a good thing that we are in a digital age because there is no telling how many cd singles would need to be released to cover all the remixes and dubs. If perchance you’re a dj and can’t find a suitable mix among those, there is even a sick electro bootleg mashup with Showtek. Having worked with Martha several times over the years, she is also a joy to perform with and always has a fun sense of humor. Evidence of this is the video for “I’m Not Coming Down” which is clearly a tongue-in-cheek spoof of the 90s NuHouse meme with her updating the classic “Give It To You” video with hot shirtless men dancing all around her.

Image Courtesy of Purple Rose.

SONG OF THE DAY (SUNDAY FUNDAY): Junior Sanchez & Sultan & Ned Shepard – Deeper Love

Here’s a perfect record for big room floors during Pride season.? It’s an understatement to say that the LGBT community has embraced Clivill?s & Cole’s “Pride (A Deeper Love)” as an anthem.? Originally performed by Deborah Cooper and covered by Aretha Franklin a few years later for Sister Act 2, the lyrics about Pride giving you the “strength to survive” and defining it as “love” and “respect for yourself” are universal, but when applied to the struggles of LGBT people it really hits home.? Junior Sanchez and Sultan & Ned Shepard team up for a massive and modern tribal electro workout – sampling just the title line “Pride (A Deeper Love)” and layering it with buildups that will make any dance floor go nuts.? While this version is absolutely incredible, I can’t help but wonder how amazing a full vocal version with this same production would sound.? In case you are looking for a modern tribal vocal version, do a search for the DigiMark mashup which deftly blends the vocals over a tribal instrumental track by DJ Escape and Tony Coluccio.

Image Courtesy of Size Recordings.