You can learn a lot about a producer by listening to their music. Listening to the releases of German producer Picco, it’s quite obvious that he is one of the most happy, joyful, and random people you might ever meet. He takes random elements and combines them together with an upbeat twist – whether it be traditional Mexican music (“Venga”), the Dream Academy’s ’80s classic “Life in A Northern Town” (“Walk on By”), or Mory Kante’s African chants (“Yeke Yeke”), his songs have a mashed-up fun and energetic feel while walking that fine line of becoming cheese. This is what makes his new track “Mash!” seem so perfect. Starting off with a Scooter-esque voice shouting the title, a bassline similar to “Show me Life” comes in behind a vocal topline reminiscent of the Dajae’s classic “Everyday My Life.” The vocals stutter and effect out until the distorted voice becomes the “Mash” line again and the track suddenly changes to bouncy electro quite similar to Steve Angello’s “Knas.” The track then strips down to just the beat and the original bassline and the vocal comes back in for a bit, before another buildup takes the track back to the bouncy electro. This is one of those tracks you listen to and wonder what the heck the producer was thinking as it quickly becomes ingrained in your brain. Here’s hoping that the label releases this track really soon as it is nowhere to be found legally – it’s not at Amazon, iTunes, Beatport, or any other digital download site that I checked.

Image Courtesy of Kontor.