SONGS OF THE DAY (SUNDAY FUNDAY): The Perry Twins ft Cameron E Neilson “All Equal on the Dancefloor” and Dakota Green – “Club Lights”

With all this international focus on the electronic dance music movement, there seems to be a shadow placed over the roots of house and disco music. The genre got its start in the underground gay and black dance clubs, and like the “electronica” movement of the late ’90s, the term EDM might just be an acronym so that straight people feel comfortable going to clubs without a challenge to their sexuality. So it’s great to see openly gay dance artists and producers staking their claim on the music and creating quality dance songs about club life. Circuit producer/DJs The Perry Twins follow up their #1 Club chart hit “Bad Bad Boy” with “All Equal on the Dancefloor,” a song with the simple sentiment that goes to the root of clubland – it doesn’t matter who you are, when you start to dance we all come together as one. Scottish singer/songwriter Cameron E Neilson provides an emotional vocal performance that contrasts the aggressive eletro beats of the twins. Newcomer Dakota Green makes his debut with an uplifting love song about his potential love interest who shines brighter than the “Club Lights.” The song sounds radio-ready and it’s quite hard to believe that a record label hasn’t already snapped him up. The song is universal, and with the right remix could rock any mainstream dance floor. Maybe Cameron should call the Perry Twins?

The Perry Twins ft Cameron E Neilson “All Equal on the Dancefloor” and Dakota Green – “Club Lights”


What is perfect anyway? Music with a message is a good thing, especially when it’s relatable and human rather than lofty and preachy. Quirky upstart Bex follows up her lovably goofy “Life of the Party” with “What Your Are,” a tribute to embracing your true self. Focused on being real and not trying to aspire for unattainable perfection, it is seemingly the response to Rusko’s female wannabe flossy gangsta anthem “Dirty Sexy” (hence the catchy chant “dirty, sexy, ugly, perfect”). With a hybrid progressive electro production, “What You Are” sounds like it could be one of the tracks from Lady Gaga’s upcoming ‘ArtPop’ collection. Sporting tribal, high energy and electro mixes by the international talent of Brazilian Gustavo Scorpio, British Cutmore and Wayne G, and global supermodels Perry Twins, the song is already attracting the attention of the club DJs. “What You Are” makes a great Sunday Funday soundtrack for you to let go of all the pretension and let your freak flag fly, or simply show off all off you unstained parts.

Image Courtesy of Sybasonic.