VIDEO OF THE DAY: Paul van Dyk ft Plumb ? ?I Don?t Deserve You?

It’s not often that a international superstar dj/producer flies to Nashville to film a video. That’s just what happened a few weeks ago when Paul van Dyk came to town to film the clip his new single “I Don’t Deserve You? with Plumb. Shot on the outskirts of Springfield, the somber video is based around a chase where the two evade cops. Whatever the crime is, we don’t know. The ending leaves the next chapter where anything can happen.

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REVIEW: Owl City – ‘The Midsummer Station’

By: Ben Norman

Owl City, a.k.a. Adam Young, has made the leap. The running start he gained with his debut track, “Fireflies,” had primed him for the kind of stardom that few in his position achieve. Think about it. Male pop stardom is usually achieved at a young age, after acquiring “heartthrob” status. Hair trends, public attention to your relationship status, dance moves… all these factor highly into single male pop stars’ resumes. And yet, here is Owl City, a soft-voiced synth pop artist with longing in his heart and vulnerability in his music, launching his name beyond one-hit wonder status and possibly into the list of artists that define this musical era (or have been defined by it). So what exactly has Owl City got going for himself that others don’t?

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SONG OF THE DAY: Paul van Dyk ft Plumb – “I Don’t Deserve You”

Imagine how a little bit of rain can inspire an amazing collaboration… Back in 2010 at the Winter Music Conference, I found myself in an interesting situation.? Hanging out at the Belvedere Lounge, a massive rainfall forced everyone under tiny umbrellas, and as I was chatting with the amazing singer/songwriter Plumb,? I noticed we were standing next to Paul van Dyk and BT.? Introductions were made, contact info was exchanged and Plumb has since collaborated with both legendary producers.? The first track to be released is the gorgeous “I Don’t Deserve You,” one of many highlights from Paul van Dyk’s ‘Evolutions” CD.? Known for her dance radio hits “Hang On” and “In My Arms,”? Plumb wrote the song about the unconditional love she receives from her child. The hauntingly beautiful melody flows perfectly with Paul’s moving synths and epic production. Remixes by Seven Lions, Giuseppe Ottaviani, and Jerome Isma-Ae keep the vocals as the focus as they expand the reach of the song to fit any big room dance floor. ?While we wait for the video, filmed in Nashville, to be released later this month, a visual presentation of the song based in the post-apocalyptic world, set to Seven Lions’ electro/dubstep/trance fusion remix, has been released online.? For me, I will always remember the premiere live performance of “I Don’t Deserve You” at the House of Blues during the Promo Only Summer Sessions when Paul van Dyk and Plumb appeared on stage to a surprised and amazed crowd.? The emotional crowd reaction was as moving as this song is.??

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