SONG OF THE DAY: Armand Van Helden and Herve – Power of Bass

With the ’90s flashback taking the UK by storm,?classic house tracks are being revisited as well.? Armand Van Helden, who was behind many of the biggest speed garage tracks of the ’90s (“Sugar is Sweeter,” “Professional Widow,” “Spin Spin Sugar”) contributes an “updated” version of Raze’s “Bass Power.”? I say “updated” in quotes, because the track sounds like something he could have done in his early days as an X-Mix producer if he was asked to combine hooks from Maurice Joshua’s “This is Acid” and Black Box “Strike It Up” with Pamela Frazer’s classic lines “Get into the music, Let the rhythm move your soul, It’s time to get busy baby, So I can Lose control, I wanna get loose, When sounds are pumping in the place, It’s time to let go and feel the power of bass.”?? “Bass Power” is one of those classic songs (like “Show Me Love,” “Finally,” and “I Will Survive”) that gets updated every year or so and you’ve no doubt heard the various interpretations by Rude Dog, Porno/Hannah Jones, etc.? It’s amazing how this new production can sound so classic and of the moment at the same time.? Fans of the Gotsome “Bassline” track will go nuts for this as well any of you old school househeads.?? All that’s missing in the Sly & Robbie “Boops (Here We Go)” sample…

Image Courtesy of Ministry of Sound.

Armand Van Helden and Herve – Power of Bass