SONG OF THE DAY: Showtek & Ookay – Bouncer

Another great example of blending genres, Dutch duo Showtek add a bit of trap to their aggressive electro sound. Though this isn’t just your typical banging track, there’s also a good bit of happy synth-pop, like a hybrid of Cash Cash and Walden. The three different elements work really well together, and adding the rapper Oookay with the line “Let Me See You Bounce” just takes it way over the top. The video features clips of their fans dancing (and bouncing) in their unique style – kind of like the infamous “#Selfie” video and it fits absolutely perfectly. Add “Bouncer” to another in the line of massive Showtek hits from the past year – “Booyah,” “Cannonball,” “We Like To Party,” – maybe the next track should be called “Unstoppable.”

Image Courtesy of Spinnin.