SONG OF THE DAY: Mischa Daniels ft Nicole Jackson – “Let’s Connect Tonight”

There’s a fine line between commercial and cheesy, and Dutch producer Mischa Daniels has seemed to perfect the balance.? “Let’s Connect Tonight” is a galloping and bouncy eurodance pop song complete with singalong vocals, courtesy of Nicole Jackson, and catchy hooks that get ingrained in your head.? Lines like “I’m on your frequency, I’ll be there when you need me” are kind of geeky when you read them, but when you put them into the context of kids who live online all day, they make perfect sense.? Elements of the production feel like Avicii/Swedish House Mafia-style stadium that have been sweetened up a bit to make them a bit more happy-sounding.? The Muse Arctic mix takes it a little more progressive but keep the main hooks and vocals completely intact. “Let’s Connect Tonight” is probably not going to get a lot of love from big room superstar DJs, but those who play commercial floors will get a good reaction to it.? With a really cute video, this could easily make a dent in the mainstream and even Disney world.

Image Courtesy of Armada.