SONG OF THE DAY: RAC ft Kele Okereke and MNDR – “Let Go”

The Remix Artist Collective is a trio of producers who’ve made a name for them by remixing everyone from Lane Del Rey and Penguin Prison to the Gossip and Temper Trap. Their remixes aren’t always aimed at the clubs but rather reinterpret the original songs by adding new elements and giving them a new vibe.? They’ve also made the move to releasing original songs, first “Hollywood” featuring Penguin Prison and now “Let Go” with? Kele Okereke from Block party and MNDR.? The song title is kind of funny since Kele did a vastly under appreciated single with Martin Solveig called “Ready 2 Go.”? “Let’s Go” is smooth, shuffling and summery pop with a similar vibe to the recent “Young Love” by Felix Cartal and Koko Laroo.? Actually, the more I listen to the song, I keep flashing back to “Steal My Sunshine” by Len (but without the Andrea True Connection sample.)? It will be interesting to see if club remixes are forthcoming.

Image Courtesy of Interscope.


Let’s take a journey to the left field.? Those in the know have been following Jennifer Lee, aka Tokimonsta, for years with her atmospheric soundscapes melding avant-garde hip-hop and grooved-out electronic beats.? Expressing her unique point of view with experimental instrumentation, she’s been touring and releasing gorgeously quirky tracks that would make Bjork moist.? For the new single “Go With It,” she teams with MNDR for an otherworldy track that has a subtle pop feel. The downtempo beats incorporate elements of moombahton, broken beat, and dubstep with Indian and Asian instrumentation for a lush, multi-layered track that will lull you into a trance.? MNDR’s vocals are just as intriguing, with repeated hooks and multiple vocal textures that mimic the track.? The video clip, revolving around a foreshadowing dream, is exquisitely cinematic drawing you in with the same embrace as the track. “Go With It” sounds like nothing else out there, the only parallel would be the Gotye track from last year and like that, this could become the leftfield smash that explodes out of nowhere.

Image Courtesy of Ultra.