SONG OF THE DAY: Lush and Simon ft Rico & Miella – “Drag Me to the Ground”

Following up the gorgeous yet aggressive “City of Light,” Italian duo Alessandro Miselli & Simone Pioltelli, better known as Lush & Simon, unleash “Drag Me to the Ground.” Enlisting the vocalists Rico & Miello, they’ve added a male vocal with a female operatic background to add even more depth. While it starts lush and pretty in the intro, the build-up is a steady, staccato beat which hits a plateau before really exploding in a jump-up, almost hard-style vibe. Like their previous track, it’s the contrast of the two textures which makes the song (not track) stand out above recent releases. Keep your eyes on these guys, they’re upping their game with each release.

Image Courtesy of Zouk/Armada.

Lush and Simon ft Rico & Miella – “Drag Me to the Ground”

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