SONG OF THE DAY: Maya Von Doll – “Open Chequebook”

Last week, I DJed a fashion show and the producers requested that I use Soho Dolls “Stripper.” So when lead singer Maya Von Doll drops her solo debut “Open Chequebook,” she was already at the forefront in my mind. Teaming up with French producer Dimitri Tikovoi (Placebo/Goldfrapp), she has written quite a biting attack against a rich girl trying to infiltrate the EDM scene by buying a hit to become famous. The rock-influenced electro production with its touch of glitch borders on pop but has just the right amount of edge for Maya’s coyly-accented bravada vocals. Imagine Garbage slagging off Paris Hilton for a point of reference… Club DJs looking for a harder mix should check out Oliver Twizt’s electro rub.

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