SONG OF THE DAY: Margie Martino – “Just Dance”

Sometimes it’s the quiet ones that deserve all the attention. At Promo Only Summer Sessions last month, there was a barrage of great new and established artists meeting and greeting all of the DJs and radio people. My attention was drawn to a quiet presence sitting at the bar, and when I heard Margie Martino speak, I sensed she was someone deep and soulful with something to say. Listening to “Just Dance,” the vibe is a cross between classic Gamble and Huff Philadelphia soul and the post-disco grooves of the records about to be launched by DJ Cassidy (i.e Nile Rodgers-era Daft Punk). Margie sounds like a young Alicia Bridges, with a husky soulful voice that doesn’t quite match her presence (similar to Anastacia and Marty Thomas). When I met her, I felt the presence of an old soul, someone who has travelled the world and was ready to share her knowledge and experiences in her lyrics. While “Just Dance” is a good introduction to Margie, I’ve got the feeling that she has some really incredible and deeply profound lyrics to share with the world.

Image Courtesy of 418 Music.