SONG OF THE DAY: Sidney Samson and Leroy Styles – “YLB”

Sidney Samson has been relatively quiet with releases in 2013, especially after all his releases last year like “Torrent” and “Better Than Yesterday.”? Focusing on collaborations, forthcoming he has “I Can’t Get Enough Of You,” with Pearl Future, and this buzzing club track “You Little Bitch” with fellow Dutchman Leroy Styles.? For “YLB,” the duo has merged the aggressive and well-known Dirty Dutch sound with stadium house to create a hybrid that works surprisingly well.? When this has been attempted in the past, the different segments often felt disjointed to the point of clear delineation for Raver Kid 101 – something like “this is the pretty part when you raise your hands and worship the DJ” and “this is the aggressive part where you scream and jump up and down.”? “YLB” makes the transitions a lot more smoother and builds on the two disparate sounds to create a track that is a cohesive hybrid, incorporating the DNA of both.? It makes you wonder if “You Little Bitch” is the equivalent of a hip-hop dis track with Sidney bragging about how he can make something fresh that works, unlike the punk bitches that have followed him trying to emulate him.? That kind of playful thug vibe brings us back to when we fell in love with him the first time we heard “Riverside.”

Image Courtesy of Musical Freedom.