SONG OF THE DAY: The Chainsmokers ft Siren – Kanye

How do you follow up the notorious electro track #Selfie? With another meme record of course. Kanye West is notorious for his aspirations to build a life on his own terms and vigorously defending it, despite what other people think. If that sounds like an overly kind description of someone who seems to consider themselves an untouchable deity, maybe it is. But the thought to make an uplifting vocal dance track about dreaming to be more like Kanye, or even turn Kanye into adjective sounds absurd, as if Kanye paid the hottest electro producers to satiate his ego with a press-baiting dance track. Then when you remember these are the same guys who took a low-rent forgettable electro track and turned it into an international zeitgeist by throwing a vacuous spoken vocal about taking a #Selfie on top. Production-wise, “Kanye” is lightyears ahead of #Selfie, blending indiehouse (or is it future house) with commercial electro, lush vocals from the gorgeous female duo Siren, and a surprisingly pretty piano intro. The lyrics are a bit simple, but what do you expect? The Chainsmokers have shown they can remix a track, see Tove Lo “Habits” and even their earlier work with Priyanka Chopra, but you have to wonder if their original productions are going to be one novelty record after another. Will Kanye become as big as #Selfie? Doubtful. Will it get people to keep talking about and dancing to The Chainsmokers? Judging by the chatter in the blogosphere, they answer is yes.

Image courtesy of Dim Mak.

CORRECTION: Alex Newell – Nobody to Love

Just found out that the post I made for Nobody to Love on Saturday was incorrect.

The new version of “Nobody to Love” is a cover of Sigma with the artist credited as Alex Newell – “Nobody to Love” and will be released on Atlantic Records.

Apologies for errors. The post has been updated with correct artist and label info and artwork.