SONG OF THE DAY: Sidney Samson & Killfake – “Revenge of the Acid”

Dirty dutchman Sidney Samson seems to be on a roll (no pun intended). Following up last month’s monstrous “YLB,” he teams up with rising duo Killfake for the multi-genrebanging “Revenge of the Acid.”? Listening to the track the first time, the flow is kind of unpredictable.? The build from each drop is a bit unexpected. At one point, I was expecting it to go all Azzido Da Bass “Doom’s Night” or Joy Kitikonti “Joy Energizer,”? and the vocal bit or harsh noise effect surprises me (as it would the crowd going mental on the dancefloor).? While the track is in the ’90s revival milieu, the deployment of acid keys channels both acid house and retro techno with a unique flavor that makes it stand out from the plethora of tracks currently out there.? I realize this, because after putting it in Notable Dance Podcast 028 last week, the amount of reaction eMails have hit a near record level.?? DJs should jump on this track now, and y’all can expect to hear this in club sets throughout the fall.

Image Courtesy of Spinnin/Doorn Records.

SONG OF THE DAY: Sander van Doorn – “Joyenergizer”

Here’s a trend that we should have seen coming. Just as electro producers
embraced retro-rave/techno sounds last year, it was only a matter of time
before they started co-opting the NuNRG/hardcore sound of the late
’90s/early ’00s. Leave it to a Dutchman to dust off Joy Kitikonti’s
hardcore classic “Joyenergizer,” and make it massive for 2013. Sander Van
Doorn expands on the bouncy sound of his Kangaroo and adds just enough
modern flavor (this could be a R3hab/Bl3nd chainsaw) to that repeated,
glitchy noise hook that made the original so memorable. The moment the
punters hear the hook, the madness ensues. Don’t be surprised if this
launches a whole trend of hardstyle club classics getting covered/remixed
for 2013. I am betting on Mauro Picotto’s “Lizard” to be quickly

Image Courtesy of Spinnin/Doorn.