SONG OF THE DAY: Jeffree Star – “Blow Me”

While Pink is having a massive crossover hit with “Blow Me (One Last Kiss),” let’s show some love to an electro loving queerpunk.? The similarities are obvious – pink hair, aggressive energy, and the song title.? Jeffree’s “Blow Me” is a more like an aggressive take of Pink’s “Raise Your Glass,” an electro party anthem, with LMFAO-styled chants like? “Put your Drinks Up If You Don’t Give a F*ck” and the most hilariously aggressive attacks against mainstream/boring gay guys in recent memory (you don’t often hear the word ‘faggot’ in a club record used in an almost empowering way).? Here’s one underground queer record that I would love to see bubble up to the mainstream just to see what the LGBT discourse will be.? If hip-hop records can drop the N-word without a second thought, why can’t queer artists do the same with their F-word? Not that Jeffree cares what anyone thinks, he’s too busy making stomping club tracks, torching Barbie dolls (like a literal burning faggot) and performing/partying with his friends.?? Kudos to Akon for taking the risk on signing Jeffree and taking him to a wider audience. Remember, he is also the guy who signed Lady Gaga.

Image Courtesy of Kon Live/Popsicle