SONG OF THE DAY (SUNDAY FUNDAY): Marc JB vs Jack Jackson – “Make Those People Sway”

The swing house craze has been responsible for some of the most lively and fun novelty dance records over the past few years: “No Speak Americano,” “Tarantella” and the recent “Istanbul (Not Constantinople)”. Next up is “Make Those People Sway,” the signature record from legendary English bandleader and radio dj Jack Jackson and his orchestra. In the hands of Marc JB (from Bimbo Jones), this mashup of classic swing, modern swing house and hints of modern tribal fits together perfectly. It was obviously a labor of love as Jack Jackson is actually Marc JB’s grandfather. Footage of modern and retro styles of dance are also mashed together for its video clip which is definitely worth a view. Could this one create the next viral dance sensation?

Image Courtesy of Tallhouse Digital.