SONG OF THE DAY:? Lange ft Ilsevioilin – “Violin’s Revenge”

Blending classical music and instrumentation with electronic dance music is always a fresh sound.? Remember Vanessa Mae, or William Orbit or Tiesto’s “Adagio for Strings?”? Trance producer Lange met the aptly-named violinist? “Ilseviolin” at a gig in Australia and this track is the result of their collaboration.? The dark yet pretty instrumental track is a lush balance of the violin melody with Lange’s signature melodic trance production.? It flows smoothly and adds a nice flavor to a night of progressive or trance without coming off as a gimmick.? “Violin’s Revenge” is featured on Lange’s upcoming album? ‘We Are Lucky People,’ along with “Risk Worth Taking” and “Our Brief Time in the Sun.”

Image Courtesy of Lange Recordings.