SONG OF THE DAY: Planet of Sound – We Are Together

Here’s one of those leftfield tracks that has been around for a few months and keeps popping up in different places.? “We Are Together” is a mix of progressive and indie dance with random elements coming in throughout the track – whistling, guitar line, effected baby voices, sparse keyboard stabs.? It isn’t a peak hour club banger but more a of a listening track- like those concept albums that progressive rock bands made in the ’70s.? Actually, it has a similar vibe to the progressive track “Bullit” by Watermat that we wrote up last week.? There is definitely a rock influence, but rather than aggressive it is much more mellow and hazed out.? With all the talk of the big EDM tracks sounding the same, it’s starting to look like progressive is going to be the next sound to filter up after the nu-House.? Actually, “We Are Together” could be seen as a track that could bridge the mellower EDM world with the rock world.? One thing for sure, after the first listen it is quite addictive and you will probably find yourself whistling along. For club consumption, there are nu-Disco and Deep House mixes by Jody Wisternoff, HOSH, and Piemont.

Image Courtesy of Armada.