SONG OF THE DAY: The Shapeshifters – “It’s Alright”

British househeads The Shapeshifters go back to their roots and bring some much needed spirituality to the dance floor. Sampling a gospel preacher (“Hallelujah, it’s alright, to get up”) and churchy strings give “It’s Alright” a classic (and classy) feel at its climax. Building up with a saxophone and a soul clap-oriented groove, the house beats have a minor taste of modern electro – not enough to overpower, but just enough to sound current. The effortless blending of these elements make “It’s Alright” sound quite unique and able to fit into sets for a variety of DJs. Ignoring the risk of sounding cheesy (and mixing song titles), it’s more than alright, it’s quite incredible.

Read our interview with The Shapeshifters from WMC 2008.

Image Courtesy of Nocturnal Groove.