SONG OF THE DAY: Gareth Emery ft Krewella – Lights and Thunder

Gareth Emery’s upcoming album ‘Drive’ is shaping up to be the album of the year.? Coming from the mastermind behind “Concrete Angels,” this may not be much of a surprise, but with the two incredible strong lead-off singles “U” with Bo Bruce and “Lights & Thunder” with Krewella, it is already seemingly a must buy for anyone who like trance/progressive/house hybrids.? The original version of “Lights and Thunder” blends pretty trance and progressive melodies with a few pounding beats, but nothing that is too aggressive or grinding.? That balance of being energetic without being cliche big room is difficult to reach, yet Gareth succeeds again. The Yousaf sisters from Krewella contribute a strong lyric relating weather and anticipation to unity and achievement. If there is such a thing as a 2014 remix of PLUR (Peace Love Unity Respect), this is basically the theme song.? Another impressive element of “Lights & Thunder” is how well the lyrics and melodies translate to the different genres of remixes – the hardstyle of Darren Styles, the big room banging of R3hab, the bouncy electro of Deorro, and the progressive trance of Omnio.? Each remix is solid on its own, yet contains enough flavor of the original to make the package cohesive.?? You can count me as one of the many who plan to purchase Gareth’s album when it is released on?April 1st.

Image courtesy of Garuda.

gareth emery krewella lights and thunder

SONG OF THE DAY: Gareth Emery & Ashley Wallbridge – “DUI”

Looking back at 2012,? these two producers Gareth Emergy and Ashley Wallbridge are responsible for two of the biggest highlights.? “Concrete Angels” by Gareth Emery and Christina Novelli stands out as one of the most uplifting vocal trance records of the year – always getting a crowd floor response and requests.? At the Armada party, Ashley Wallbridge’s tag team set with Tom Fall was one of the clear highlights of the Amsterdam Dance Event 2012. ? While their previous collaboration “Mansion” was more massively aggressive and banging, the new track “DUI” is a bit more subtle and, yes, hazy.? If 808 State was making progressive records for big rooms, this is what it would sound like.? Based on a hooky piano line (played in their making of video), the track builds and transforms through aggressive peaks and? euphoric valleys – taking the listener (and dancer) on a real, transformative journey.? As exceptional as this track is, I am only imagining how uplifting it would be with a great top line from Christina Novelli. ?

Image Courtesy of Garuda.