SONG OF THE DAY: Ashley Wallbridge ft Fynn Farrell – “Chase The Night (Original Mix)”

Upon first listening to “Chase the Night,” the voice of Fynn Farrell was instantly recognizable- but for the life of me I couldn’t place why.? A quick YouTube search found the amazing country gospel version of “Born This Way” he did, which I was obsessed with for a good period of time last year.? While not sure how the paths of the two Brits crossed, the results are quite spectacular.? Ashley’s production blends pretty elements of progressive, stadium house, and synth pop for a track that is moody, yet energetic, at the same time. Fynn’s distinct soulful voice resonates a retro vibe making him sound like the offspring of Sting and Howard Jones. Pairing the two makes “Chase the Night” a track perfect for closing out a memorable DJ set or a pick me up for your personal mp3 playlist.

Image Courtesy of AVA Recordings.