SONG OF THE DAY: Watermat – Bullit

Last week, someone asked me what I thought of “that flute record.” My mind instantly went back to “Koko” by Sander Van Doorn, but the guy said it was something new. When I heard “Bullit” by Waterm?t, it made more sense. Out on Spinnin Deep, the instrumental track is much more subtle, groovy, and yes, deep, than what you usually hear from Spinnin Records. “Bullit” is a chilled progressive track with a poolside lounge vibe. The intro is a bit reminiscent of Giorgio Moroder (maybe “I Feel Love”), but slowed down. The chords trigger an emotional response and takes me back to the classic Dusted (Rollo/Mark Bates) track “Always Remember to Respect and Honor Your Mother.” Then there is the flute which just sounds heavenly, as if it’s leading you on a journey. There aren’t a lot of deeper progressive tracks that cross over to the mainstream, but something tells me that this might be the one for the summer. You can expect a vocal version to filter out around by the end of June.

Image Courtesy of Spinnin Deep.