SONG OF THE DAY: Major Lazer ft Busy Signal, The Flexican & FS Green – “Watch Out For This (BumaYe)”

Here’s a track that I’ve been waiting for months. The Flexican tipped us that his track “Bumaye” was being reworked by Major Lazer as a collaboration called “Watch Out For This.”? The original version of “Bumaye” is a midtempo horn-led groover with an intro not dissimilar to “Apache,” supporting a strong flow by rapper Typhoon and a primal chant of “Bumaye.”? Sped up, with a more reggaetonic intro, the new version keeps the feel of the original while pumping up the energy with dancehall and moombahton beats, additional horn lines, and a bit of glitch.? Diplo and his crew do quite an exceptional job on the 2013 take, yet after hearing the original it feels like it should be Major Lazer AND The Flexican not Major Lazer ft The Flexican.? Nevertheless, here’s hoping this track shines more spotlight on the brilliant up-and-coming Dutch producer, The Flexican.

Image Courtesy of Dim Mak.