SONG OF THE DAY: Felix Cartal ft Koko LaRoo – “Young Love”

To many people, pop is a bad word.? Just because something is enjoyed by the masses doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s low quality or dumbed down, though.? This is the probably the logic behind the efforts of Canadian producer Felix Cartal to rebrand EDM from electronic dance music to everybody dance music.? That’s what he brings on his new single “Young Love,” a summertime anthem with something for everyone – electro beats, glitchy vocal effects, classic house piano, catchy hooks, and a singalong chorus.?? Vocalist Koko LaRoo (aka Kandace Ferrel, who sang on the Richard Dinsdale/Alex Kenji collaboration Songs in the Sky) sounds like the offspring of Dragonette singer Martina and Bright Lights with a perfect of airy and raspy tones to her voice.? “Young Love” is a great pop song that could easily crossover, especially with the recent successes of Icona Pop and Krewella.? The video furthers the summer appeal, capturing a battle between guys and gals with sneak attacks of water balloons and water guns.? Like the song, it’s all in good fun and its great to see both people of both genders as active participants and not just as sexual objects to be ogled.??

Image Courtesy of Dim Mak.