SONG OF THE DAY: CID & Mednas – “Ill Behavior”?

Over the years, it seems like ADOR’s “One For the Trouble” is one of the most sampled tracks in dance music (ranking right behind Loleatta Holloway’s “Love Sensation” and James Brown’s “Funky Drummer”). That line “Back once again ..? with the Ill Behavior” used most famously in “Renegade Master” by Wildchild seems to pop up in a club track every few years. New York and Miami-based duo CID & Mednas constructed their hybrid progressive and electro track with massive builds and powerful drops that are perfect for a big room explosive set.? The track is so energetic that it doesn’t come as a surprise that it became a massive buzz track when Size Records label owner Steve Angello dropped it during his set at the Ultra Music Festival.

Image Courtesy of Size Records.

SONG OF THE DAY: Up Yours – “Tonight”

With so many of the big electro producers sampling ’90s techno, it was only a manner of time until house guys started sampling ’90s house as well.? Listening to “Tonight” by Up Yours, you can almost play trainspotter (spot the sample.)? Is that the bassline from Robin S “Show Me Love” or Nightcrawlers “Push the Feeling On?” ?Does that build-up remind you of E.G. Fullalove “Divas to the Dancefloor?” Where did they knick the vocal samples from?? Seeing as this is on Southern Fried (Norman Cook /Fatboy Slim’s label), this could simply be an inside joke with them taking an old ’90s track from the vault and dusting it off for release.? Fitting that vibe, the video reworks classic Soul Train line dance footage. ? For an even more retro take of the track, check out HiFi Sean’s remix which delightfully channels the essence of Stock, Aitken and Waterman.

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