SONG OF THE DAY: Room8 ft Electric Youth – Visions of You

Imagine someone taking the nu-House aesthetic and applying it to synth-pop. “Visions of You” isn’t inspired by ’80s synth-pop, it is ’80s synth-pop. Actually to be more specific, it is the fast tempo synth-led track that would be on a summer movie soundtrack circa 1984. Galloping basslines, fast tempo staccato beats, drum fills, and that spaced-out, unaffected vocal all fit the bill perfectly. Though it’s not a song that grabs you on first listen, it has been on my playlist all week and every time I hear it, it grows on me more and more. The video feels quite ’80s though a bit more current, maybe a 2014 take on ‘Weird Science.’

Image Courtesy of Win Music.