SONG OF THE DAY: Linden Jay ft Ruby Wood – “Break the Hold”

Slick and sexy, that’s the best way to describe “Break the Hold.” Comparisons to Disclosure, Mike Mago, and Duke Dumont are obvious with the mellow ’90s house groove and somewhat garagey bassline, yet I am getting more of a MK – as in Mark Kinchen (not Mark Knight) by way of West Coast OM feel. The track is laid back, sexy, soulful, and groovy and at the same time energetic and club-ready. It’s one of those songs that proves you don’t need banging, aggressive electro beats to numb a dance floor into submission. Though if you do want banging electro beats, the Kid Massive remix serves them up nicely. That’s just one of the strong remixes across the genres – Cause & Affect (house), Taiki & Nulight (broken beat), and the expertly-constructed drum and bass rerun by Rollz.

Image Courtesy of Sony.

SONG OF THE DAY: Duke Dumont ft AME – “Need U (100%)”

The ’90s are back, and as the wave of stadium house begins to recede you can look for underground house to make its way to the forefront.? We’ve covered the Canadian duo Prince Club, and it seems like Disclosure is getting more buzz than anyone else at the moment, except of course for Duke Dumont.?”Need U (100%)” bubbled up from the underground garage clubs in the UK to become a number one pop hit.? Listening to the song, it’s easy to see why. The classic house vibe feels like something King Street or Nervous would have released in the ’90s. Add in the the soulful diva vocals by A*M*E (already buzzing from being nominated in the Sound of 2013 poll) and you’ve got a song that is a fresh take on underground house.? It’s also a nice change to dance to a sexy house jam at 122 BPM as opposed to jumping up and down all night to electro tracks clocking in at over 130.? For those DJs who do require a more uptempo mix, Danny Howard pumps up the energy, adding some electro but keeping the soul of the original in place. Speaking of Disclosure, they recently covered “Need U 100%” with a male vocalist and a more classic MURK-ish kind of vibe. Premiered on Sara Cox’s BBC Radio show, the Disclosure version is giving a second life in the UK to the track amongst the underground hipsters. Maybe it’s time for Disclosure, Duke Dumont, and A*M*E to go into the studio together and see what kind of magic they could create.

Image Courtesy of Downtown/Ministry of Sound.