SONG OF THE DAY: DJ Duce Martinez Vs. Dj Cloud 9 – “Jumpin MotherFu*Kers”

Dance music is definitely cyclical: nineties techno is being reworked in many of the big electro records right now, and energetic trance is starting to speed up again. So maybe it’s the right time to bring back the energetic, big room tribal house sound as well. Imagine a Club 69 mix of a Razor N Guido track and you’ve got the idea behind the tribal monster “Jumpin MotherFu*kers.” Though it sounds current, the sampled vocal “whoops” and chants over incessant, addictive beats will make you pump your fist and relive 1998 all over again. Listening to “Jumpin” might inspire me to pull out all my Groovilicious CDs and throw a retro-tribal night. I wonder if that YMLA shirt still fits.

Image courtesy of Launch Entertainment.