SONG OF THE DAY: Justin Michael and Digital Freq – Follow You

Mixing rock and dance always leads to unique results.? Listening to Justin Michael’s last track “Young Forever,” you could hear the influence of prog-rock and a touch of The Killers in there.? For the new single “Follow You,” he is mining the world of grunge as if he was producing a Pearl Jam album for the dancefloor.? The results are an interplay of hard electro beats and sensitive, but powerful, male vocals with a rock feel that is rarely heard on the dancefloor.? The two sounds in reality should probably not work together so well but they do. Listening to Justin’s recent work, I think it might be time for him to team with a full-on rock band, like what Steve Aoki did with Linkin Park, and do a collaborative project highlighting both of their unique sounds.

Image Courtesy of Trice.
Justin Michael and Digital Freq – Follow You