SONG OF THE DAY: EmoTek & DJ Leo D ft Toby Penner – “Orange Sky”

It’s not a surprise that Avicii was inspired by Nashville for his recent releases.? Nashville is the “Music City” and as such has a large population of great singers and songwriters.? A good song is a good song and will work in any genre – country, pop, or EDM. Nashville producers EmoTek and Leo D built this pop-leaning soundscape track with some catchy hooks and gorgeous synth work.? Similar to Armin van Buuren enlisting Canadian boy band singer Trevor Guthrie (from soulDecision), the duo called upon Canadian-born Nashville resident Toby Penner (who was part of the boy band Jake). Toby’s voice has the timbre of blue-eyed soul, with the resonance of country and a bit of pop polish as evidenced by his strong performance on the brooding yet uplifting lyrics.? To give the release an international twist, mixes come from around the world – Dezza (Canada), Sunset (Brazil), Johan Stone (Iceland), and Francisco Lozano (well, New York is kind of another country when compared to Nashville). Seriously, there is a mix here for every kind of EDM DJ – tech house, electro, trance, and progressive.??? Following the releases of Sunset & Solid Skill (“Alive”) and Hanski (“Sunlight Showers”), “Orange Sky” is another strong track from Nashville-based indie label Cloudland Music that is worth checking out.

Image Courtesy of Cloudland Music.

EmoTek & DJ Leo D ft Toby Penner – “Orange Sky”