SONG OF THE DAY: Gero ft Kullai Timi – “Turn”

Honey?? Dreamlover?? On first listen to “Turn” by Hungarian producer Gero, my mind wondered which David Morales mix of Mariah Carey it was channeling.? Then it hit me, it’s actually leaning towards the Shep Pettibone production of “Someday.” So imagine if David Morales had remixed “Someday” in the early ’90s and you get an idea. Add an easygoing, summery vibe and a few catchy vocal hooks and there you have it – a great track to enjoy beachside for these last few summer days we have left. Remixes by Satin Jackets and Marcus Jakes add different flavors by going in disco and garage directions. Is everyone else enjoying the ’90s revival like I am?

Free Download of Marcus Jakes remix – Click here.

Image Courtesy of Jalape?o Records.