SONG OF THE DAY: Dasco ft Justina Maria – What I Need (Right Here, Right Now)

One of the dirty secrets of dance music is that DJs often pay ghost producers to do their work for them.? From time to time, the real talent behind the superstars step up and release their own music.? Dasco are one of those “behind the scene” guys, and with this new release they get the recognition they deserve.? Similar in vibe to Duke Dumont’s “I Got You,”? “What I Need” is a summery, breezy house track with light instrumentation, sexy grooves, and an infectious singalong chorus.? At first, the “I House You” male vocal sample is a bit disconcerting, but after a few plays, it fits perfectly.?The remixes keep the house vibe firmly in place with Rob Roar sweetening it up with a bit of a pop vibe, Shoko building around a tough bassline with a strong horn sample, and Sauna Riot giving it a soundtrack vibe.? As winter approaches, “What I Need” will remind global clubbers of their holidays in Ibiza and the rest of us of lazy summertime lounging.

Image Courtesy of Phonetic Recordings.