SONG OF THE DAY: Colorless ft Eli – “Still No Love”

“Tiny Piano,” the piano-led progressive track, was our first introduction to Colorless.? The gorgeous instrumental track created a lot of buzz.? Their new EP showcases three different sides of them – aggressive (“Random Haters”), prog with a retro feel (“Adina”), and a more pretty pain (“Still No Love”). ?If you loved “Tiny Piano” as much I did, you are going to go straight for “Still No Love.”? Starting off with a subtle backbeat, the vocalist begins singing his somber song. The beats drop out and the synth line comes in, similar to “Tiny Piano.” Stark, dramatic, and transcendent – it’s just the piano supporting his lyrics.? A gospel-esque choir comes in on the background vocals and the beat starts to build and build.? After a quick moment of silence, the track comes back full throttle and energetic, but not overbearing or jarring.? Yes, it’s progressive and electro-based, but it’s not cliched or dirty-sounding at all. If “Still No Love” is an indication of what Colorless can do with vocals, we are hoping that a vocal version of “Tiny Piano” is forthcoming.? ?

Image Courtesy of Phonetic.