INTERVIEW: Moska (2013)

At barely 21 years old, Colombian-born DJ/Producer Moska is already a rising star on the international EDM scene.? His remix of Jordan Ferrer’s “I Need You” caught the the attention and support of Laidback Luke.? Later on, a bootleg of a Calvin Harris track led to Tiesto supporting him as well.? A steady stream of remixes and bootlegs has increased Moska’s reputation and led to releases on the ultra credible label Mad Decent records.? Keep your eye out for Moska, that’s lots of great music coming from South America.

DJ Ron Slomowicz: Where did the name Moska come from?
Moska: The name Moska came from my last name and high school friends. They called me Moska because I was a very active person and always ready for anything.

RS: I have been listening to the tracks and the bootlegs as they come up and the new song, “Trapeando,” threw me for a loop because it is trap, what inspired you to go completely different with your sound.
Moska: I always try to make new music and this time I tried to make a trap track. I am really happy with the result and I?m trying to finish it; I will release it very soon.

RS: When you play your sets do you play trap or is it more electro house?
Moska: I always play a lot of Dutch house and electro, but I love progressive house as well. I have two sides, a hard side and a soft side; I always try to play a little bit of everything. I am trying to play trap – but commercial tracks that are in trap versions.
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