SONG OF THE DAY: Moby with Cold Specks – “A Case For Shame”

Electronic music legend Moby returns this year with a new album, Innocents, to be released in October. The preview single “A Case For Shame” sets a dark and haunting, yet uplifting tone.? The track is downtempo electronica with orchestral elements beautifully interspersed in. While it’s similar to previous gospel-inflected songs from “18” and “Play,” the voice of Canadian Al Spx (singer of Cold Specks) takes it to a darker place, a la her signature doom soul sound which mixes gospel and goth.? Her voice channels old school blues in some places, while sounding fresh and pretty in others ?- almost like a case of multiple personalities.? Speaking of which, special kudos to Spartaque who managed to remix the track and give it a happy electro pop feel with a touch of the ’90s, not something that could have been very easy to do.? DJs should also dig up Sharam Jey’s electrodisco rerun.? Moby furthers his artistic palate by directing his first music video – an experimental amalgam of underwater footage with masked animal characters in white sheets.? I would love to hear what Moby’s “specific meaning” is the video as all I get from it is a suicidal escape from taunting people.

Image Courtesy of Little Idiot.