SONG OF THE DAY: Walden – “First Day”

Aussie youngster Walden has been building a name for himself with strong original productions (“Intropial,” “Machine Gun”) and remixes (“In My Mind” by Ivan Gough & Feenixpawl, “We Are Tonight” by Paul van Dyk and Christan Burns). With the apt title “First Day,” Walden releases his first vocal track, building on his progressive stadium sound by adding a topline that comes close to pop but keeps the big room feel. The lyrics (sung by Danish co-writer Grace Tither, who has also worked with Michael Zilk and Christian Amby) contrast the changes of the first day and last day of a relationship and what comes after. While the vocals all appear over a beatless dropout, they feel strong enough to keep the energy- or at least something to singalong and emote to. Fellow Aussies Ivan Gough (of TV Rock) and Jebu bang out a harder, more electro mix, dubbing the vocals down to just say “first day, all changed” and keeping a beat going the whole time. While the remix is strong and more dancefloor-friendly, including the full vocals would have really bean a nice touch. The two different versions give the track a strong appeal to different club audiences. As Walden’s production skills develop, it will be interesting to see if he moves towards more traditional pop songwriting while keeping his club vibe going.

Image Courtesy of Big Beat.