SONG OF THE DAY: Afrojack ft Spree Wilson – “The Spark”

When I first heard “The Spark,” my first thought was how amazing it was that Ab Soto was on his way to having a pop crossover hit!? Come to find out that it’s not the colorful rapper on vocals, but singer/songwriter Spree Wilson laying uplifting, inspirational verses over the energetic, yet subdued electro track. Guitar and stadium elements combine to make “The Spark” the most pop-leaning production in Afrojack’s canon.? With the right promotion, this feel good track could easily become this year’s “Firework.”

Image Courtesy of Island/Wall.

SONG OF THE DAY: Quintino & MOTi ft Taylr Renee – “Dynamite”

Here’s a track that lives up to its name.? “Dynamite,” the new track from rising Dutch stars Quintino & MOTi with Taylr Renee, is explosive, blending old school rave techno with electro- and a bit of raunchy fun.? The stop/start phrasing of the siren hook amplifies the energy, bringing back the vibe of Afrojack’s earliest work with the harder techno edge that is in vogue right now.? Just as Ke$ha has her trademark talk/sing sound, singer Taylr Renee is establishing her own scream/sing style, which while similar to Luciana and Kay has a distinctive edge that is uniquely her.? Recent collaborations with Sick Individuals & Axwell, Tom Swoon, and Schoolboy & James Egbert show that she is one will be hearing a lot from.? “Dynamite” is such a massive record that when a crowd hears “Boom Goes the Dynamite,” their reaction will be just that.

Image Courtesy of Spinnin.

Notable Dance Podcast #020

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Kid Massive & Alex Sayz ft Miella – Strong (Orginal)
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Chrizz Luvly – The One
Alex Mind – Maelstrom
David Hopperman & Xantra ft Databoy – Spiral (Original Vocal)
Marcelo Cic & Raoul Gidyon ft Sebastian Garcia – World Ends (Looper)
Simon Patterson ft Lucy Pullin – The One (Original)