SONG OF THE DAY (SUNDAY FUNDAY): Duck Sauce – NRG (A Second Look)

When I first reviewed “NRG,” I kept thinking that the hook was so good and so catchy that it had to be a sample. This is no insult against Armand and A-Trak, just that their history with “Barbara Streisand” and “It’s You” show that they are masters at building a brilliantly fun new track over a lost sample. Listening to the original version of NRG, I am convinced that Duck Sauce is one of camp-est groups ever.

Think about it, “Barbara Streisand,” the obsession with hair (facial and pubic) in their videos, and now sampling a long last track by Melissa Manchester – if that doesn’t scream camp, what does? It took some real crate digging to find her song from 1985 that most wouldn’t know.

Listening to the original version it makes you wonder if the new song shouldn’t be credited as Melissa Manchester vs Duck Sauce – “NRG 2014” or even Melissa Manchester – “Energy (Duck Sauce Remix.)” Regardless, as amazing of a singer as Melissa Manchester is, the “Energy” video showcases another strong skill she possesses – the way she sells a song with her performance. Check out this clip of her singing “You Should Here How She Talks About You” from Solid Gold.

Note her passionate and humorous facial expressions as well as her excellent use of the full stage (and a hair style that probably inspired Kiesza). Thumbing through YouTube, you will find recent live performances that shows she still has the chops (vocal and stage performance) which makes me dream of seeing her live.

As I ponder launching an IndieGogo campaign to bring her to Nashville, also check out the original recording of the song by “Pilot of the Airwaves” singer Charlie Dore.

After listening to Clive Davis’ audio book “The Soundtrack of My Life,” I totally imagine him A&Ring the project and saying – this song really needs someone to sell it, lets get Melissa to do it. A Grammy award and Melissa’s most successful charting single clearly proved him right.

Images courtesy of Fools Gold and Arista.

SONG OF THE DAY:? Duck Sauce – “Radio Stereo”

The duo of Armand Van Helden and A-Trak are back, following up their doo-wop-inspired “It’s You” with “Radio Stereo.”? Based on samples from? The Members’ “Radio,” the ska-punk song is transformed into bouncy electro dub with horns and an oddly ELO-inspired feel. Yes, there is a mash of styles, but it works way better than you would imagine.? Dutch heavyweights Bingo Players mash different grooves together for a big room monster complete with bits of ’90s Daft Punk, hard electro, and stadium. It’s just this kind of randomness that we’ve come to expect from Duck Sauce and we can’t wait to see what kind of visual orgy they concoct for the video.? After this and their other singles “aNYway,” “Barbara Streisand,” “Big Bad Wolf,” and “It’s You,” we also can’t wait to hear what else they come up for their album Quack, which is due to be released later this year,

Image Courtesy of 3 Beat.

SONG OF THE DAY: Mark Foster, Kimbra, and A-Trak – Warrior (Radi8 Remix)

Every few months, the ‘Need To Know’ list includes a couple extra people, and with the recent success of “Somebody I Used To Know” by Gotye, Kimbra’s name was destined to appear on that list. ?Of course, Mark Foster of Foster the People is a given, and A-Trak is a Canadian rapper/DJ responsible for some pretty neat stuff. ?These three team up for Converse’s ‘3 Artists, 1 Song’ project. ?So the truly special combination of all three forces, “Warrior”, sounds great and all, but also falls a little short of the ‘dance’ mark we are all striving for here, so we give you Radi8’s rendition. ?Radi8 basically take the track, speed it up, amp it up, jazz it up, and serve it up on a hot little plate for your consumption. ?This mix is hot, and deserves all the attention it can get. ?This is officially on the ‘Need To Know’ list.