SONG OF THE DAY: Hanski – “Sunlight Showers”

People often ask me why I reference certain artists in my reviews. For me, 808 State was one of the first artists that defined the “electronic soundtrack” sound. Their tracks were uplifting, energetic and upbeat, but often not so in your face that they would steal the focus from what else was going on around them. Yet, 808 State tracks were always catchy and memorable. If 808 State was still making music in that vibe, it would probably sound like “Sunlight Showers” by Hanski. The UK-based producer has really captured the feel – a happy, feel good instrumental that capture an emotion and are uplifting. The kind of track that, when deployed properly in a primetime set, would have people raising their hands to Shazam it. The Spark7 mix goes a little more proggy, while the Speed Limits mix teases with a pretty piano intro before the energetic electro mix kicks in. With such an uplifting vibe, its easy to see why “Sunlight Showers” is track being deployed during the ASOT 600 live shows.

Image Courtesy of Cloudland.

SONG OF THE DAY: Digitalism vs Tommy Trash – “Falling”

Who says a track needs vocals to tell a story?  “Falling” starts off with quick, yet instant, kick loops as it gradually builds into a big room anthemic electro track.  Subtle loops of classic techno rave rhythms are injected as the track drops down to an almost 808 State ambient groove.  This pretty part of the track is invaded by a noisy synth which introduces an angrier, aggressive rhythm that kind of throws you off.   A build-up leads to the original electro big room feel with a major key change.   I could continue to describe the journey through various realms of flashback techno, but it’s best experienced yourself.  The video is an homage to children’s TV, I guess in the way that techno tracks sampled kiddie show themes back in the rave days i.e. Smart E’s “Sesame’s Treet” and Alpha Team’s “Speed.”   

Image courtesy of Spinnin.